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Information Organization Impact

1. Introduction


2. Disorganized
Word List

Start Over? Find the 4 odd words below, one in each category
(Capitals, Carnivores, Ball Sports, Musical Instruments).    Cheat

3. Organized Word List

Start Over? Find the 4 odd words below, one in each category.    Cheat

4. Results

In this simple test you'll find out how long it takes to process information when it is disorganized vs. organized (as when it is in one big email inbox vs. grouped into topics).

You have to find the odd words, one in each of the four categories. First you find the odd words, when the the categories are jumbled together. Then you find the odd words when the categories are grouped together. Here are the categories with example words (odd words are in blue).

  • (National) Capitals
  • London
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Tokyo
  • Carnivores
  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Dog
  • Lamb
  • Ball sports
  • Football
  • Checkers
  • Soccer
  • Water polo
  • Musical Instruments
  • Guitar
  • Microphone
  • Violin
  • Drums

Click on the odd words. They'll turn blue if you are right, red if you aren't. Keep trying until you find all four odd words. Your time will be noted. Click next to get started. In four steps, you'll know the results. (test FAQ).


Your times are below.

Disorganized ? seconds
Organized ? seconds

You save ? % of the processing time when the information is organized.

If you are seeing 0s here, please find the odd elements without cheating.

If organized information saves % of the processing time, a company with employees, earning $/hour, spending % of their time processing disorganized information, would save $? per year (% of the payroll). (recalculate)


Please click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions about this test.