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Organization Test F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the relevance of this test?
This test indicates that normally people can process information that is organized by category or topic much faster than when it is all jumbled up. Typically the information in people's email inboxes is not organized. All the emails are stored in the order that they arrived, irrespective of what the topic is. It takes much longer to make sense of these disparate pieces of information than when it is all organized by topic or category, which happens with Kamune.

2. Why can't people use Search?
Search is useful in some cases, as when you are looking for a very specific message you sent received with an attachment. When you are trying to catch up or refresh your memory or digest some mail thread, you typically have to glance or read that message and all related messages to understand it. Often you have to think about it and figure out what they are not saying to really understand the topic. Search is rarely helpful in these cases.

3. Describe this test some more.
This test is designed to be really simple. The purpose is not to measure the general knowledge or intelligence of the audience. (It is ok to make mistakes. The assumption is that mistakes are equally likely when the information is organized vs. when it is not). This test makes people think about the words a little bit and compare them to other words before they arrive at the answer. One could take the test multiple times and find the averages, but the key point here is to observe the difficulties of processing information that is jumbled up.