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Kamune Overview

Kamune is an Internet service. There's no software to install or hardware to buy and maintain. When an organization or team subscribes each user gets an account on Kamune. They can login to from a web browser or mobile phone and start collaborating with each other.

Kamune uses virtual rooms to organize everything. Each company gets a virtual building. They can create rooms for each employee, project, task, or client, to mirror how they are organized in reality. Employees can go from room to room to read updates and write their own, to view or upload files, to hold discussions with others and send messages, or to use a variety of other tools to enhance their ability to function as a team more effectively.

Overall, Kamune provides a unique, integrated environment. It provides many ways to communicate, has several useful tools, and is built on a customizable platform allowing the environment to be tailored to the individual customer's needs.

"Efficiency is doing better what is already being done."
-Peter Drucker