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Virtual Rooms

Kamune uses the virtual room metaphor to organize information and interactions. Human brains are adept at navigating physical spaces in order to find or store things, or to meet people to work with them and develop relationships. These days, there's so much information and so many people to work with that it's overwhelming. Condensing this complex space into a monolithic inbox makes things even worse. Using virtual rooms to organize information and interactions is more natural and intuitive.

The virtual rooms are more conceptual than visual. The user interface is designed for professional users, with familiar web ui elements - NOT a 3D navigation with a game-like feel. Individual rooms can be created for each project, topic, and employee, in order to organize things in a nature way. The owners of a particular room can set access controls to determine who may enter, and rooms can also be locked temporarily - just like using badges and key cards in a real office.