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Kamune is an integrated and intuitive environment with easy navigation, letting you get more done quickly and with fewer interruptions. Here are some ways Kamune improves collaboration:

1. Organization: Through project rooms, task sub-rooms, offices, and meeting spaces, Kamune encourages organization of information for everyone. People can visit one or two rooms and quickly find what they're looking for, and then share their own updates and additions.

2. Pull vs. Push: In Kamune, the bulk of information is exchanged via a pull (i.e. you go and fetch what you need) rather than the push approach (i.e. others send information to you whether you want it or not) used by email or instant messaging. Pull minimizes interruptions and lets you get the right level of detail at the right time from notes, logbooks, or uploaded files.

3. Quick closure: Kamune provides many ways to engage with others. The ability to chat in real time allows for quick clarifications and together with the ready availability of shared context, it can lead to speedy resolution.

Kamune does not replace other tools, in the same way email did not eliminate meetings and phone calls. However, it reduces their load and makes everything more effective.

Kamune makes it easier to manage the interruptions than to let interruptions manage you. Its design center is collaboration.