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Easy Fixes - Rarely Used

There are many solutions to email overhead but they are rarely used. They are either not easy or natural to implement in most workflows or using them requires rare self-discipline.

Many email programs have features for managing the information overload. For example, you can use folders to organize email. Or you can setup rules to filter your email. These and related features can minimize interruptions by reducing the tendency to deal with new email or instant messages immediately and instead handle them at specific times of the day. But they typically don't.

People will often use a new tool for a particular need in a straightforward way rather than use existing tools in tedious or convoluted ways. Before instant messaging was born and became an established category in its own right, cynics thought you could achieve the same effect with fast email.

The same applies to self-discipline. People could skip going to colleges and read text books on their own. But the environment makes it far more conducive to learning. Kamune provides an integrated environment that is far more conducive for collaboration than other tools.