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Why See a Demo? Website Caveats

We understand that you typically expect to get a pretty good idea of the product from quickly surfing the website. But we think that the best way to learn more about Kamune is to see a demo. This is not a ruse to get a meeting with you or get your details to spam you. We hate spam too. We sincerely believe that Kamune will improve your workplace efficiency. If it is not a match for whatever reason, we don't want to waste your time or ours.

We found that when we meet with prospective customers and start with a presentation, the meeting often goes sideways. If we start with a demo, however, it goes much better. Typically about 30 minutes into the demo, we hit a point when we stop showing the product and start listening. This is when the prospects that are usually silent and circumspect understand what Kamune is all about and get excited about all the ways Kamune can be applied to make working with others easier.

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